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Web XR/ 3D Web

The ability of modern Web architecture to render 3D graphics in any compatible web browser allows bringing Virtual Reality into the web sites.

There is no more need to watch still photos, instead look all around as you do it visiting the mall. Thankfully to new cameras, there is no more need to spend hours on driving, while looking for your new place, the Virtual tours in 360 degrees allows you to step inside the space.

That is what we do, develop the solution when you take your clients into your space Virtually, or bring your products in a computer 3D virtual world.

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Data Processing

We live in the era of data. It is impossible to think of any area which is untouched by data processing or its use. Let it be medicine, products or project management, manufacturing or service industry, insurances, transportation systems, banking, and educational institutions. Different data has different needs, so flexibility is vital. We create custom solutions to match your needs and requirements.

Data processing starts with data in its raw, either product catalogs, records, databases. Our goal to make the processing as more comfortable, as fast as possible, our intent to let the user breathe free no matter how big data you have and whatever you need to get from your data.

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