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Time Report / Record Tool

It was created by Modern Creative Group sp. z o.o. And attorneys office Tomasz Przybecki in 2017. It is a fast working, affordable web application for time tracking, automatically reports generation to easy review work time done by your colleagues, on specific case or client. Elegant reports for your clients automatically generated invoices.

We spent hundreds of hours in real use and polished it as a diamond to work perfectly for you.

Presenting now in cloud base system for fast and comfortable everyday use from any modern device to track your time, manage employees, invoice your clients. Spend time on your client and let it record and report for you.

These are Cloud-based tools for patching and stitching 360 photos.

What is a 360 photo?

A 360 photo is a photo that allows you to view more than just a snapshot of a scene. It allows you to view the scene from every angle. You can create 360 photos by using special 360 camera hardware, or mobile app. When you share these photos on Facebook, they'll automatically be converted into an immersive 360-degree view. Numerous ways to create such photos have their own weak, has tools to solve them in the easiest possible way.

Software cash register

Revolution in polish companies, virtual cash registers in software format, is to send information on the transaction to the tax office online.

Cloud base cash registers are solution no added cost for the business owner, as it was until now. Let us remember that cash registers in their vast majority are devices that, in no way, apart from impractical printing.

Cloud base cash registers work everywhere, and available at any computer, mobile phone, or tablet with an internet connection, the affordable solution for smallest companies to keep and running businesses.

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